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A Secure Document Management Platform

The app aims to provide an ultimate solution for document management, offering centralized collaboration, streamlined efficiency, and top-notch security. Providing a secure and convenient platform to handle all aspects of preparing your financial documentation.

Patrick Kassen

They created a successful app for me. I think their organizational skills are truly outstanding. That stood out for me. Lots of people can do app development, but only a few make the process as organized and pleasant as this group.

Efficient review export with AI Sentiment Analysis

The app is designed to streamline exporting application reviews. Powered by AI sentiment analysis, it efficiently gathers and analyzes reviews, providing valuable insights for app owners to understand and improve their apps’ performance. It allows users to filter by store, app name, country, and date range.


We are pleased to work with Viabletree. They successfully delivered our application. Great communication, on-time delivery, and the app exceeds expectations

Fitness App with Challenges, Watch Stats, & Chat. - All At One Place

This mobile application primarily targets fitness enthusiasts, offering them motivation to stay fit through participation in challenges. Users can connect their watches to view statistics and engage in chats with friends and within groups created by admins.


The team manages the project well and is timely, efficient, hardworking, and on top of the ball. They communicate through virtual meetings and stand out for their service. Customers can expect a great experience.

Instant Connection Based on Shared Interests

The project is a socializing app that connects users when they pass by someone with similar profile attributes. The app helps you meet people nearby who share your interests, sparking real-life connections.


They were great partners for our app development project. Their deep understanding of our requirements, clear communication, and technical expertise were invaluable. They consistently met deadlines, collaborated effectively, and delivered a final product that exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend them for any development project.

All-in-one Sport Platform

A sports-based app that offers a comprehensive platform catering to various roles, including coaches, parents, players, facilities, and teams. Coaches provide lessons, teams organize matches, facilities rent out products, and players connect with coaches. Additionally, parents supervise younger players until they’re 13+, while all members can share content on social media and create 30-second reels.

Brian Canfield

Our experience working with this team was great. They listened attentively to our needs and delivered an app that surpassed our expectations. We’re happy with the results and highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a mobile app developed.

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Foundational Expertise, Vital Functions


Geofencing is a technology that uses virtual boundaries around real places. It helps apps know when you enter or leave an area by triggering actions or sending notifications when a device enters or exits a designated location. For example, it can send you a message when you’re near a store or remind you to do something when you go home.


Popular Use Cases:


  • Starbucks: Send location-based promotions and offers to customers near a Starbucks store.
  • Grubhub: Assign orders to nearby drivers efficiently, reduce delivery times, and show nearby restaurants to users within their radius.
  • Uber: Uber efficiently matches drivers with nearby riders using geo-fencing, minimizing user wait times.

NFC Integration

NFC integration enables smartphones to exchange data with nearby NFC-enabled devices, such as payment terminals or smart posters. It allows devices to exchange data when brought close together, typically within a few centimeters. Retail businesses can use NFC technology to facilitate contactless payments, allowing customers to make purchases simply by tapping their smartphones on NFC-enabled payment terminals. Event organizers use it for venue access and ticket redemption.


Popular Use Cases:


  • Nike: The app uses NFC in Nike+ Running shoes to track workouts and sync with smartphones.
  • Disney: NFC MagicBands enable park access, purchases, and hotel room unlocking.
  • Apple: Apple Pay uses NFC for contactless payments at US retailers.

Wearables Sync

Wearables sync connects devices like smartwatches or fitness trackers to mobile apps, enabling users to track health data seamlessly. It allows users to access and review their data across multiple devices, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive user experience. For example, individuals monitoring their steps or sleep patterns can view their progress in apps like Apple Health.


Popular Use Cases:


  • Fitbit: Trackers and smartwatches sync with the Fitbit app for activity, sleep, and heart rate.
  • Tesla: for integration with Tesla vehicles and Tesla mobile app.
  • Garmin: Smartwatches and trackers sync with Garmin Connect, offering GPS and advanced metrics.

AI Sentiment Analysis

AI sentiment analysis is a technology that analyzes and interprets the sentiment expressed in textual data. For example, you have a mobile app and want to understand customers’ experiences. You use an AI sentiment analysis tool to categorize customer reviews as positive, negative, or neutral. Additionally, it will highlight keywords like “customer service” in red for areas needing improvement or in green if performing well. This process helps you identify areas of improvement instead of going through every comment individually and make necessary app enhancements for better overall satisfaction.


Popular Use Cases:


  • Amazon: To understand customer reviews and feedback.
  • Grammarly: To evaluate written text, offering feedback on tone, emotion, and style by using emoticons, ensuring effective communication.
  • Air BnB: To understand user sentiments from guest reviews, identifying trends and areas for improvement in accommodations and services.

In-App Chat System

An in-app chat system enables real-time communication between users within mobile applications, facilitating instant text-based messaging without switching to external platforms. For example, social media platforms allow private messaging. E-commerce apps offer direct customer support, gaming apps facilitate player communication, and business collaboration tools enhance team communication and project collaboration.


Popular Use Cases:


  • LinkedIn: The messaging feature facilitates professional networking and career advancement.
  • Amazon: Amazon’s chat support resolves purchase-related issues efficiently.
  • Instagram: Instagram’s direct messaging allows users to chat, share media, and engage within the app.

Video Streaming

Seamless video streaming refers to the uninterrupted playback of video content without buffering or playback issues. It ensures a smooth experience for users, allowing them to enjoy high-quality videos without any disruptions. For example, users expect uninterrupted streaming for movies, TV shows, and live events. Similarly, social media users rely on seamless video playback for an optimal viewing experience.


Popular Use Cases:


  • YouTube: Delivers uninterrupted high-quality video streaming across various content genres on mobile devices.
  • Facebook: Facebook’s video streaming ensures smooth playback of user-uploaded content and live streaming.
  • Twitch: The app enables seamless video streaming of live broadcasts and gaming content.

Unveiling Our Proven Development Methodology

01. Research

At the early design stage, we conduct detailed research alongside business analysis. We also gather information about the target audience, market trends, competitors, and user needs. This helps us understand the problem space and identify opportunities for the app.

02. Requirements

In this phase, specific functionalities and features of the app are defined based on the research findings. It involves outlining the goals, user stories, and technical specifications necessary for the development process.

03. Wireframing

Wireframing is creating a skeletal framework for the app, outlining its structure and layout. It helps visualize the app’s navigation flow and content organization without focusing on design elements.

04. UI/UX Design

UI design focuses on the app’s visual elements, including colors, typography, icons, and layout. UX design emphasizes the app’s overall usability and functionality, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user journey.

05. Prototyping

Prototyping involves creating interactive, clickable mockups of the app based on the UI/UX design. It allows you to test the app’s functionality and user experience before moving into full development.

06. Iterative Refinement

We engage in iterative design refinement, gathering feedback and testing sessions to refine and improve the app’s design. It may include adjusting the interface, features, or user experience based on feedback and testing results.

01. Brainstorming

This step involves generating and refining ideas and concepts for the app and exploring different features, functionalities, and potential solutions to address user needs and business goals.

02. Planning

We define the app’s objectives, scope, timeline, and required resources. This involves creating a roadmap outlining tasks, milestones, and dependencies to guide development.

03. Architecture Design

This step focuses on designing the app’s underlying structure and system, including databases, APIs, and software components. It ensures the app’s scalability, performance, and maintainability.

04. Implementation

Implementation is the actual coding and development phase, where the app is built according to the specifications and design created in earlier steps. Developers write code, integrate features, and make the app’s functionality

05. Beta Testing

Beta testing involves releasing a test version of the app to a limited group of users before the official launch to gather feedback and identify bugs or issues. It helps ensure the app’s quality and usability.

06. Launch

It is the official release of the app to the audience. The application is deployed to the designated platform, reaching the target users. Viabletree provides post-launch support, fostering ongoing collaboration to ensure customer satisfaction.

01. Request to Change

This step involves handling and implementing any requested changes or updates to the app’s features, functionality, or design. It ensures that the app remains aligned with evolving user needs and business requirements over time.

02. Vulnerability assessments

It involves regularly evaluating and identifying potential security risks or weaknesses within the app, including analyzing its code, infrastructure, and data handling processes to promptly address security threats and maintain user trust and data integrity.

03. Checking New Updates

We regularly monitor and seamlessly integrate new updates to the app’s software components, libraries, or dependencies while preserving existing features. Ensure the app stays current with the latest features, security fixes, and performance.

04. User Training

We provide ongoing support and training sessions to help users utilize the app’s features and functionalities effectively. This ensures that users are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to maximize their experience with the app, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement.

05. Performance Optimization

It focuses on continually improving the app’s speed, responsiveness, and efficiency to deliver optimal performance. It involves identifying and addressing performance bottlenecks, optimizing code, and refining resource utilization to enhance user experience and maintain app performance standards.

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All You Need to Know About Custom Application Development Services

What are custom Mobile application development services?

Custom Mobile App development services involve designing, creating, and maintaining software applications for various platforms, such as mobile, web, or desktop. These services encompass the entire development lifecycle, from initial planning and design to coding, testing, and deployment, ensuring the delivery of functional and user-friendly applications.

What is the advantage of a custom application Development company?

A custom application development company offers the advantage of tailored solutions specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of a business or organization. This results in increased efficiency, improved productivity, and the ability to address specific business needs and processes, leading to a competitive edge in the market.

Can custom app development be tailored to my specific business needs?

The best custom application development services can be tailored to your business needs. They are designed and developed to address your business’s unique requirements, workflows, and processes, ensuring a perfect fit and providing a solution that aligns precisely with your goals and objectives.

How long does it take to develop a custom application?

The development timeline for custom applications varies based on project complexity, feature scope, and available resources, ranging from a few months for smaller projects to several months or longer for complex ones. Effective planning, precise requirements, and efficient development practices can shorten development time.

What is the cost associated with custom application development services?

The cost associated with custom application development solutions can vary significantly depending on project complexity, required features, development time, and the development team’s expertise.

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