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10 Benefits of Mobile App Development for Small Businesses


October 9, 2023


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With the new innovations and technologies, the ecommerce market is booming. From small-scale businesses to large enterprises, everyone is harnessing the ultimate power of digital commerce to unlock unprecedented growth potential.

This brings us to the fact that more and more companies are investing in mobile app development as it has become an integral part of success. As per Statista’s projections, mobile applications are anticipated to generate over $935 billion in revenue by the end of 2023. 

Moreover, with people checking out their phones at least 262 times and dedicating 88% of their valuable time to mobile apps, it's crystal clear that mobile apps are leading the way. Nevertheless, small businesses are still skeptical when it comes to investing in mobile apps.

Small business owners often ask, “Why build an app for our business when we already have a fully operational mobile website?” Today in this article we’ll be answering this billion-dollar worth question. Read till the end to find out the benefits of mobile app development for small businesses.

The Significant Role Mobile Plays in the 21st Century

It’s hard to overlook the fact that mobile phones, also known as smartphones, play an imperative role these days. Approximately there are more than 3 billion mobile phone users across the globe as per the research conducted by Statistia. Previously, it was a luxurious gadget only used for calling and texting. But, today it’s much more than that.

Today, this hand-held device can be regarded as one of the most useful and powerful marketing tools that businesses can utilize to bridge the gap between sellers and customers. It’s an eye-opening fact that customers nowadays heavily rely on their mobile devices. 79% of mobile users have made a purchase through their devices in the last 6 months.

With the increase in mobile users, the demand for mobile app development services is rapidly increasing. Why so? Well, as per the findings, an average smartphone user uses at least 10 to 12 apps per day. They use these apps to communicate with each other and shop for goods and services. 

Moreover, customers want information when they need it, and proximity is the secret to conversion. Geolocation services let organizations anticipate and meet client needs.  In order to capitalize on impulsive purchases, mobile marketing offers a highly personalized purchasing experience.

Exploring the Advantages of Mobile App Development for Small Businesses

Now, coming back to the question frequently asked by small business owners, “Do I really need a mobile app if I already have a mobile website?” Well, it hinges on your business needs and goals.

But you should be aware of the fact that these days most customers prefer to shop through apps as it is a more convenient option. It’s wise to ensure to offer a good customer experience. Let’s have a look at the benefits of having a mobile app for small businesses:

Connecting with Customers Effective

In the post-pandemic era, a significant shift is observed in consumer behavior with more people accepting and using online channels to fulfill their everyday needs including shopping to home services and groceries. 

Instead of stepping out of their comfort zone, customers now prefer to take leverage of online shopping through their devices. This emphasizes the importance of investing in app development, especially for startups who are still procrastinating on utilizing this medium for connecting with their audience.

Moreover, mobile apps offer a seamless and uninterrupted user experience by reducing bounce rates, eliminating page loading times, and yielding day-and-night accessibility. 

Improved Conversion Rates

The mobile app conversion rate ranges from 1 to 2%. Mobile apps have the tendency to captivate the audience and encourage them to take the desired action. With direct access and streamlined user experience, apps make it much easier for customers from browsing to making a purchase, or taking any desired action. This results in more efficient and faster conversions for businesses.

Build a Powerful Brand

Investing in a mobile app can help to build a strong and powerful brand. With an effective communication strategy and intuitive design, a mobile app serves as a brand ambassador always available to serve your customers, which facilitates your company to deliver a seamless user experience and fulfill the promises it has made to its customers.

Personalized Marketing Channel

Approximately 52% of customers expect customized offers from the brands they purchase. This showcases your customers are anticipating high-level personalization from you and we strongly believe a mobile app can facilitate you in this case.

You can integrate personalized features in mobile apps such as customized discounts, loyalty offers, shopping histories, wish lists, and more. Apart from integrating features like recommendations and suggestions, you can also include AR features like product storytelling, virtual tryouts, live demos, real-time language translators, etc.

Optimized Customer Engagement

A whopping 88% of screen-time of users is dedicated to mobile apps because they are naturally more appealing. Mobile apps can facilitate businesses in improving their customer engagement rate. When your audience downloads your app this will bestow you with ample opportunity to engage with them at the right time.

Your customers can engage with your brand in numerous ways through a mobile app. Try to give more control in the hands of your customers. Integrate features that can improve their shopping experience in great ways.

Foster Customer Loyalty

A high customer retention rate is a crucial component of practically any successful business. Giving your clients a lot of value and making sure they're content all the time is a common and practical strategy to keep a high retention rate. 

It's crucial to realize that your chances of success increase as you focus more on the convenience and requirements of your customers. Make sure that numerous touchpoints can satisfy clients' needs if you want to remain approachable. 

An excellent approach to strengthening relationships with clients is through loyalty programs. It helps in boosting customer acquisition. In addition to being efficient at earning immediate revenue, it also functions as an effective marketing medium. 

Tap into a Targeted Audience

Whatever your niche is, always remember you’re in a competitive market aiming for client’s businesses. Having a top-notch mobile app improves your chances of securing a substantial slice of the pie i.e. the market share in your industry. This is accurate if you’re operating in a sector where brands are less likely to develop their own mobile apps.

Considering the fact that approximately 85% of shoppers prefer to use apps rather than browsers when shopping, it’s become imperative to capitalize on this marketing tool. If you’re operating in the eCommerce landscape, then try to build an app that can give you the boost you need to succeed in the market. 

Always remember shoppers expect a lot from you. They demand immediate responses, convenience, and reliability. A high-quality mobile app can meet all these aspects, making it easier for businesses to profit from their niche.

Get Valuable Consumer Insights

Without consumer insights, operating a brand successfully in the twenty-first century is nearly impossible. You must make sure that your marketing plan is based on actual consumer behavior if you want it to be successful. 

Your mobile app has the potential to be a trustworthy and beneficial source of consumer insights. Customers will frequently provide critical information to you if you provide them with something of value in exchange.

You have all the tools necessary available at your disposal to obtain user insights thanks to a variety of analytics technologies, including UXCam and Firebase. Some metrics that are regularly monitored are:

  • Monthly, weekly, and daily customers
  • Demographics of users, including gender, age, and type of device.
  • Number of downloads and uninstalls

When you need users to fill out a survey or questionnaire, you can additionally provide perks or awards. Your marketing's strengths and weaknesses are instantly apparent once you systematically analyze the data at your disposal.

Offer Better and Instant Customer Service

As was already mentioned, prompt communication with your customers is crucial for a positive customer experience. The majority of customers now want assistance via mobile, according to research conducted in the customer service sector.

Mobile customer service benefits both the business owner and customer in significant ways:

Both the company owner and the client can benefit a lot from providing mobile service to customers:

Self-service is an option for customers. An inventive strategy to help your users find solutions to their problems as quickly as possible is to integrate a smart, user-friendly help center inside the application.

With a mobile app, the number of inquiries received can be reduced to a great extent. It can lessen the load on your staff in light of rising customer service standards.

You can optimize the overall client experience. The majority of the time, preventing problems from occurring is the greatest approach to providing the best customer service. You can track possible issues or inquiries using data from your app before the customer does it easily.

Cost-effective Marketing Tool

Mobile apps reduce the demand for conventional collateral and reduce the price of marketing campaigns. Even within the organization using mobile apps can save you money. 

Plus, mobile apps can boost employee productivity by strengthening communication, lowering stressful schedules, and streamlining data. Long-term, this saves a ton of revenue. Additionally, by using adverts that are specifically targeted towards in-app transactions, businesses may really profit from their apps.

In a Nutshell

By the end of 2023, revenues generated from mobile apps are projected to reach over $935 billion. This indicates mobile apps are no more a luxury. If you want your business to thrive in this highly competitive market then it’s imperative to understand the role mobile app development plays.

No matter, if you have just started off or operating for years in the industry, you cannot overlook the benefits mobile app offers. From branding to marketing and customer service, there are hardly any divisions in your company that will not benefit from having a mobile app.

To establish and flourish in this fiercely competitive digital marketing landscape, small businesses should start embracing new trends and technologies such as investing in a mobile application.