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10 Most Downloaded Apps in 2023


October 30, 2023


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In 2023, the way we use mobile apps is changing fast. It's like a new era for popular apps. These apps are getting super popular, and lots of people all around the world are using them. For businesses and people who advertise things, it's really important to know which apps are the most popular. This helps them make ads and stuff that more people will see. We're going to talk about the top ten apps in 2023 in the United States. These apps are the ones that lots of people are downloading, and they have cool features that businesses can use to show their stuff to people. This is really important for people who want to connect with their customers in the best way.


  • Downloads in March 2023: Over 7 million
  • Most Popular in: United States

TikTok remains a formidable presence in the app landscape of 2023. While initially associated with Gen Z users, it has transcended generational boundaries. Ever since the world was hit by global lockdown measures in 2020, TikTok has experienced a surge in new users. In March 2023, it saw over 7 million downloads in the United States alone, a testament to its continued popularity. For marketers, this is excellent news as TikTok's marketing opportunities are expanding, encompassing everything from organic content creation to paid TikTok Ads. However, it's a fascinating time for TikTok in the United States, as questions about the app's safety are increasingly raised. It remains to be seen how these concerns will impact download numbers in the coming months.


  • Downloads in March 2023: Nearly 6 million
  • Most Popular in: United States

WhatsApp, the world's leading messaging app, is beginning to gain traction in the United States. With nearly 6 million downloads in March 2023, it provides significant opportunities for businesses to maintain direct communication with clients and customers through personalized messages. WhatsApp marketing is on the rise, offering businesses a unique channel to reach their audience. This app's growth in the United States signifies the ongoing evolution of communication platforms and how they can be harnessed for marketing purposes.


  • Downloads in March 2023: Over 5 million
  • Most Popular in: United States

Instagram, a member of the Meta family, has retained its status as a favorite among Gen Z and Millennials. Although Instagram tends to keep its statistics under wraps, it garnered over 5 million downloads in the United States in March 2023. The app's popularity is further amplified by features like Reels, Lives, and Stories, providing marketers with a plethora of opportunities to engage with their audience. In an environment where potential TikTok bans loom in the United States, it will be fascinating to observe how Instagram, particularly Instagram Reels, evolves over time and influences download figures.


  • Downloads in March 2023: Over 4 million
  • Most Popular in: United States

Snapchat has maintained its popularity, particularly among a younger demographic in the United States. With over 4 million downloads in March 2023, it remains a significant platform for fun and business. Snapchat's "Instant Create" feature streamlines ad creation, allowing users to create and share ads based on location to ensure they reach their target demographic. For marketers, Snapchat remains a versatile and useful tool for connecting with a younger, engaged audience. This dual-purpose app strikes a balance between personal and professional use, showcasing the versatility of modern digital platforms.


  • Downloads in March 2023: Over 6 million
  • Most Popular in: United States

In a world where video content reigns supreme, CapCut, TikTok's video editing tool, secures the third spot on the list of 2023's most downloaded apps. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, CapCut is a valuable asset. This app simplifies video editing, allowing users to seamlessly add filters, transitions, music, and subtitles, all within the app. As of March 2023, CapCut has received over 6 million downloads, according to Statista. Its presence is a testament to the growing importance of video content and video marketing, making CapCut a must-have for those looking to create engaging and visually stunning content.


  • Downloads in March 2023: Over 6 million
  • Most Popular in: United States

Another Chinese-based app making waves in the United States is SHEIN, an online shopping platform that has gained immense popularity thanks to its astonishingly affordable clothing and homeware offerings. This app owes much of its recognition to viral TikTok videos showcasing its budget-friendly products. In March 2023, SHEIN recorded over 6 million downloads in the United States. Its position on this list is a testament to the allure of affordable online shopping, particularly in a time when consumers are increasingly price-conscious. SHEIN is yet another example of how viral trends on one platform can significantly impact the success of an entirely different one.


  • Downloads in March 2023: Over 10 million
  • Most Popular in: United States

At the top of the list is Temu, a Chinese-based marketplace shopping app that has taken the United States by storm. Temu acts as a bridge between consumers and Chinese product sellers, offering a staggering variety of products at incredibly competitive prices. However, it's worth noting that while Temu's prices are tempting, some users have raised concerns about product quality. Despite this, Temu has managed to garner over 10 million downloads in March 2023, solidifying its position as the most downloaded app. Launched in September 2022, Temu is a relative newcomer to the market, making its rapid rise even more intriguing. It will be fascinating to observe how this app continues to perform in the ever-competitive mobile marketing arena, especially if they introduce advertising options in the future.


  • Downloads in March 2023: Over 5 million
  • Most Popular in: United States

For anyone with kids, it's no surprise that Roblox has claimed a spot among the most popular apps of 2023. With over 5 million downloads in March, this social gaming platform allows users to both play and create games. It stands as a stellar example of user-generated content done exceptionally well. While a significant proportion of Roblox users are under 13 years old, it presents an intriguing advergaming opportunity for marketers. The platform allows for the creation of branded games or experiences, a unique way to engage with a younger demographic through immersive and interactive content.

Cash App

  • Downloads in March 2023: Over 5 million
  • Most Popular in: United States

Cash App, a versatile finance app, continues to soar in popularity, recording over 5 million downloads in March 2023. Users can transfer money, request funds, and take advantage of the app's banking services. Additionally, they can explore options like investing in stocks or cryptocurrencies. The app's multifaceted features are contributing to its widespread adoption, making it a prominent contender in the mobile finance sphere. For marketers, this presents an opportunity to engage with users looking for seamless financial solutions and investment opportunities.

Attack Hole

  • Downloads in March 2023: Just over 5 million
  • Most Popular in: United States

While apps often serve practical purposes in our daily lives, Attack Hole provides a different angle – pure entertainment. In March 2023, this free mobile game received just over 5 million downloads in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. What sets Attack Hole apart is its in-game advertising, opening up intriguing advergaming opportunities for advertisers. If you haven't had the chance to experience this captivating game, it's worth a try to understand the appeal of in-game advertising.

In the ever-evolving world of mobile apps, these downloads and trends provide valuable insights for both users and marketers. The popularity of these apps reflects the shifting landscape of digital culture and consumer preferences. As the year unfolds, we'll keep a close eye on how these apps continue to shape the digital landscape, providing updates on their download figures and how they impact the mobile marketing landscape. Stay tuned for the latest developments in the dynamic world of mobile apps and marketing. This fast-paced arena promises more exciting changes and opportunities as technology and user preferences keep evolving, and we'll be here to bring you the freshest insights.