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AP Wellness

Project Description

AP Wellness offers a platform that connects your smartwatch accounts to an app, enabling you to track and analyze your daily productivity performance. Fitbit and Garmin are the featured integrations in this app. Additionally, AP Wellness goes beyond fitness tracking by providing mental health services, allowing individuals to offer support to those in need. The app aims to enhance work-life balance, improve mental health, and optimize daily life operations. AP Wellness is available as a free download, empowering individuals to prioritize their well-being.

The Challenge

  1. Overcoming Fitbit and Garmin integration hurdles.
  2. Generating tailor-made Excel sheets for exporting survey and watch data.

Main Goals

The objective of this project is to enable users to track their daily steps, heart rate, sleep hours, intensity, and calories. By achieving daily goals, users earn points, leading to exciting discounts on purchases from the associated store. Additionally, the system allows the administrator to create surveys for users to complete, which can then be extracted for further analysis of mental health. The project aims to provide a comprehensive wellness tracking solution while also incentivizing users and supporting their mental well-being through data gathering and discount rewards.

What did Viabletree do to successfully achieve this project?

Viabletree successfully executed the AP wellness project by adopting a comprehensive approach. The process began with meticulous analysis and a thorough requirement-gathering phase, where all necessary information was collected. Subsequently, the design phase commenced, followed by valuable feedback and finalization to ensure an optimal solution. Thorough planning was undertaken to map out the project’s implementation strategy. The development phase followed, where the project was executed according to the established design and plan. Feedback received was diligently incorporated to enhance the project’s effectiveness. Finally, the closing stage marked the completion of the AP wellness project, resulting in a successful implementation that aligned with the desired objectives.

Results and Achievements

The committed team at Viabletree created outstanding final results—a solid application packed with innovative functionalities. Customers were very impressed by the overall application’s smooth health progress monitoring, dynamic wellness interaction network, and extensive mental health services. Viabletree’s amazing work garnered great acclaim and sincere gratitude, solidifying its standing as a dependable and trustworthy development partner.


Technology Stack

Frontend React Native

Backend Node.js (Strapi)

Database Postgresql

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